Hollyhock Creation was formed in the year 2000 but we have been knitting and crocheting for many years before that. All of our products are handmade to order specializing in silk work thread. With material edges as our main product of service with silk edgings attached to make a material shawl and pillowcases. There is a vast range of products for babies, toddlers and children ֠bonnets, bibs, booties, jackets and dummy brooches to name a few all the items are made by hand. Also have a variety of hand made knitted and crochet shawls in the range. If you need a pattern that you would like made just be free to email me to discuss the details of the requirements. Or if need more information about a particular product be free to contact me at any time. At Hollyhock Creations shawls and pillowcases comes in white and cream. All items are handcrafted using superior materials and immense care is taken, to ensure quality is present in these finest of products. At hollyhocks the work is enjoyed immensely.

Welcome to Hollyhock Creations

Quality handmade shawls, pillow cases and baby knitwear

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